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High-tech kitchen manufacturers who put their heart into it

KH SYSTEM MÖBEL is located in Melle-Bruchmühlen, Lower Saxony, the centre of the German kitchen furniture industry. And this is apparent in the fact that our company’s employees know what makes a good kitchen.

As a family business, we have a keen sense of responsibility and commitment to our tradition, and stand for reliability, ensuring lasting success because we think of the future today.

Kitchens that inspire in many ways are created in our ultra-modern production with astonishing attention to detail. Not only do they look fantastic, their quality is also proven in their daily use. Superbly manufactured corpuses go hand in hand with perfected fittings technology and a carefully thought-out interior.

Alpine white
Marble white
Cleaf Sherwood anthracite horizontal
Ceramic anthracite titanium
Ceramic graphite grey
PerfectSense silk grey
Cleaf Westbourne Oak vertical
Alpine white
concrete grey
Concrete Anthracite
PerfectSense Alpine white
XTreme Metal black
Cleaf Sherwood Nero horizontal
Fenix Nero Ingo
Cleaf Fleet Oak horizontal
PerfectSense Silk
Marble black
PerfectSense Alpine white
Halifax oak natural horizontal
white glossy HPL coating
Concrete light grey
Concrete anthracite
concrete anthracite
Laminated glass matt White
Laminated glass glossy mirror
Laminated glass matt white
Beam oak pastel shadow
Cracked oak cognac vertical
Beam oak Pastel Loam
Cracked oak mocca vertical
Frame oak smoke grey
Knotty Oak Natural
silky matt traffic white
Soft lacquer NCS S 6020-B10G
Soft lacquer Sikkens B8.38.44
Matt lacquer Sikkens S9.20.21
Soft lacquer NCS S 2570-R
Powdered lacquer black
Soft lacquer NCS S 2500-N
Matt lacquer
Matt lacquer
powdercoated traffic white
Silky matt lacquered white
High-gloss lacquered alpine white
High-gloss lacquered NCS S 8010-R30B
Ceramic Iron Moss
Ceramic Savoia Perla
Ceramic Savoia Anthracite
Ceramic Iron Corten