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Blum fittings technology

Blum fittings technology

Quality and use of the latest technology is our aspiration and that of our partners. We are consistent, delivering smooth-running, impeccable and convenient kitchen furniture.

Pull-out system

BLUM LEGRABOX pure is used as a standard feature in our kitchen furniture. The sleek, linear design combined with high-quality materials signifies elegance in motion. We supply drawers and pull-outs in four different depths.

Inner pull-out

Concealed and yet existent. BLUM LEGRABOX pure inner pull-outs carry conviction on account of their linear, sleek design and clearly defined shapes. Enjoy the uniform appearance and having no gaps between the individual components, despite featuring the same capacity as a conventional pull-out system.


Kitchen hinges have to withstand extreme stresses. Which is why we use only the very best components. Look forward to doors in the kitchen that close gracefully and automatically, thanks to the integrated BLUMOTION system. With the hinges we use, every door will open and close reliably – for years to come.

Lift fittings

For tall and large wall units for a greater variety of designs. Integrated soft-close systems also ensure maximum opening and closing comfort for wall cabinets and tall units. A powered option is also available on request with SERVO-DRIVE.


Drawers, doors and pull-outs can be opened and closed effortlessly, softly and quietly. A single touch suffices. Elegant and reliable. SERVO-DRIVE will even work in the event of a power cut.


Open drawers, doors and pull-outs at a single touch. Simple, elegant and reliable. The mechanical opening system is ideal for handleless drawers and pull-outs.

Fleet Oak Cleaf vertical
Westbourne Oak Cleaf vertical
Alpine white
Ceramic rust brown
concrete grey
PerfectSense Alpine white
Concrete Anthracite
Premium white
PerfectSense Alpine white
XTreme Metal black
Mountain oak dark horizontal
Cleaf Sherwood Nero horizontal
brushed lacquer white horizontal
"Feinbütte" white
knotty oak natural vertical
mouse grey
washed oak cleaf horizontal
"Feinbütte" white
washed oak cleaf horizontal
knotty oak natural vertical
"Feinbütte" white
alpine white
alpine white / grey white / grey brown
concrete grey
premium white
HPL coating white glossy
white glossy HPL coating
white glossy HPL coating
white glossy HPL coating
Concrete light grey
Concrete anthracite
concrete anthracite
concrete rust brown
concrete grey
Concrete grey
Laminated glass matt White
Laminated glass glossy mirror
glass RAL 9005 lacquered
glass RAL-design 085 70 50 lacquered
crystal visio white
Knotty Oak Natural grey
Beam oak pastel shadow
frame oak Sikkens E0.05.45 lacquered
knotty oak basalt rough-cut vintage
knotty oak natural rough-cut groove 15 cm
knotty oak natural rough-cut groove 15 cm
oak rough-cut basalt
frame oak Sikkens E0.05.45 lacquered
knotty oak natural
Knotty Oak Natural
powder lacquered sand
silky matt traffic white
Pianovo Lackmatt Castello Oak
Pianovo Lackmatt Lava grey
Pianovo Lackmatt Cosmos grey
Soft lacquer Sikkens B8.38.44
Pianovo Lackmatt Carini walnut
soft lacquer NCS S 2005 Y 40 R
soft lacquer Sikkens TO.50.40 lacquered
soft lacquer NCS 3040 G 40 Y
soft lacquer NCS S 7500-N
silky matt white lacquered
silky matt white lacquered
powdercoated traffic white
soft lacquer Sikkens D4.23.71
soft lacquer RAL 9005
soft lacquer RAL 9011
soft lacquer indigo
powdercoated NCS special colours
silky matt traffic white
Silky matt lacquered white
Pianovo Lackgloss Indigo blue
High-gloss lacquered cashmere
Stainless steel coloured
high-gloss Sikkens E4.05.35 lacquered
PIANOVO laque gloss Light olive vertical
high-gloss lacquered magnolia
high-gloss lacquered white
high-gloss Sikkens C6.35.65 lacquered
high-gloss lacquered sand
high-gloss KH brown lacquered
high-gloss Sikkens C6.65.35 lacquered
high-gloss lacquered stone grey
high-gloss lacquered magnolia
High-gloss lacquered magnolia
Pianovo Metal Tiatnium
Pianovo metal Titanium Crumble
Pianovo Metal steel
Pianovo Metal copper
Ceramic Iron Moss
Ceramic Iron Corton
Ceramic Iron Corton