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Ultra-modern production facilities, high-quality materials and craftsmanship. And certified, too. For more than 25 years. Quality pays.

Laser edges

We consistently use the laser edge technology when it comes to edge processing, ensuring a visually seamless transition without joints between the panel and the edges of the corpus, fronts and shelves. No compromising – for increased resistance to heat and moisture and for new standards in quality and design.

Powder coating

Scratch- and shock-proof, as well as dirt-resistant, ensuring even the most turbulent family life leaves behind no traces. In addition to a great feel coupled with a wide selection of colours. What’s more, our top-quality and exceptionally sturdy powdercoated is environmentally friendly, because no organic solvent is used in processing.

Industrial handcraft

With expert craftsmanship and systematic process optimisation to achieve the best results in kitchen production. Every kitchen can be hand-crafted uniquely on request, meeting all individual requirements.

Cutting system / “batch size 1”

Quality and performance even at the cutting stage, with a fully automated system for full-format panels with dimensions up to 5200 x 2100 mm. In order to embrace the variety and complexity of our products, we produce our kitchens to order only, and solely in “batch size 1”.

Certification & Sustainability

Our kitchen furniture stands for certified quality, guaranteed safety and healthy living, and meets the requirements according to RAL-GZ 430, as documented by the “Golden M” and the Emission label. The cabinets marked by the emission label are in accordance with the guidelines for awarding the emission label of "Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V." in class A. The same applies for the materials and surfaces used. Our products also meet the standards of GS-certified safety certificate.

Our company is PEFC certified. 
PEFC is the world's largest forest certification system. Their credible standards seek to transform the way forests are managed globally - and locally - to ensure that all of us can enjoy the environmental, social and economic benefits that forests offer.

Alpine white
Marble white
Cleaf Sherwood anthracite horizontal
Ceramic anthracite titanium
Ceramic graphite grey
PerfectSense silk grey
Cleaf Westbourne Oak vertical
Alpine white
concrete grey
Concrete Anthracite
PerfectSense Alpine white
XTreme Metal black
Cleaf Sherwood Nero horizontal
Fenix Nero Ingo
Cleaf Fleet Oak horizontal
PerfectSense Silk
Marble black
PerfectSense Alpine white
Halifax oak natural horizontal
white glossy HPL coating
Concrete light grey
Concrete anthracite
concrete anthracite
Laminated glass matt White
Laminated glass glossy mirror
Laminated glass matt white
Beam oak pastel shadow
Cracked oak cognac vertical
Beam oak Pastel Loam
Cracked oak mocca vertical
Frame oak smoke grey
Knotty Oak Natural
silky matt traffic white
Soft lacquer NCS S 6020-B10G
Soft lacquer Sikkens B8.38.44
Matt lacquer Sikkens S9.20.21
Soft lacquer NCS S 2570-R
Powdered lacquer black
Soft lacquer NCS S 2500-N
Matt lacquer
Matt lacquer
powdercoated traffic white
Silky matt lacquered white
High-gloss lacquered alpine white
High-gloss lacquered NCS S 8010-R30B
Ceramic Iron Moss
Ceramic Savoia Perla
Ceramic Savoia Anthracite
Ceramic Iron Corten