News for model year 2024

We are showing new fronts for model year 2024 in this kitchen - textured stainless-steel decor and natural oak with groove. Also included is the newly designed worktop top unit with plastic blind and the towel rail in dark platinum.

The cosy flair in this kitchen is achieved through the combination of cool stainless-steel decor with a warm, Nordic wood tone.

The side cabinets at room height offer plenty of storage space. Among other things, a wine refrigerator is integrated here, which harmonises by the look of the attached frame made of front material. Ventilation of the built-in refrigeration units is ensured by the aluminium slat plinth, which blends in perfectly with the look of the kitchen.



Order in the utility room

Have you already fetched a bottle of water or the potatoes for cooking from the utility room today? Did you manage to get them back into the kitchen without an accident? Congratulations.
In many a utility room, tidiness is, shall we say, not the number one priority. When a washing machine and ironing board are added to the mix, it often becomes con-fusing.
KH SYSTEM MÖBEL's solutions can provide a remedy: shoes are stored in the matching cupboards and the ironing board in the tall cupboard. The same applies to all other utensils, so that a completely new clarity soon prevails.
Speaking of untidy living areas? We have something....



Trend theme cabinets for water systems

New technology is increasingly moving into the kitchen. Whereas last time it was new types of extractor hoods, now it is high-quality water treatment systems in the sink base cabinet. Whether cold, hot, still or carbonated water, everything is possible.
And of course we gear our production to this and create the right kitchen base units to integrate the treatment systems.

KH SYSTEM MÖBEL - always on the pulse of time



Trend room concept

When living space and kitchen merge and become an experience space, then we are talking about a continuing trend in kitchen and furniture production.
To accompany this trend visually, we rely on unique slide-in door systems that make areas fully usable and create a homely ambience by simply closing them.



Modern country house style

Since a new cosiness has entered the living areas and the term hygge manifested itself, the modern country house style has arrived in kitchen design.
A light, friendly colour scheme in combination with dark tones creates an exciting mix and picks up on the Scandinavian cosiness.